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Delivering Expertly Crafted Disruption to Startups and Enterprise Clients

Zürtech brings products to market and scales customer acquisition for high growth companies.

What We Do

Creative Strategies For High-Growth

Zürtech energizes and scales businesses who think big, move fast, and want to dominate their market.

With offices in North America and Europe, located across USA, Canada, Switzerland and Croatia, we work alongside the worlds fastest growing and most disruptive brands. We help with all aspects of running a business, including products, websites, designs, materials, specifications, sales and distribution, logistics, technology, merchant processing, funding, and more.


Revenue driven for partners.

Over 100

Companies scaled.


Estimated market value created.

Who We Are

A Collective Of Marketers, Creators, Technologists, & Deviating Thinkers

Through a mix of human talent, proprietary data, in-house software, and financial resources, we’re changing the way brands think about scaling customer acquisition channels.

In the face of pressures and challenges of a high-growth, deadline-driven business conditions, we remain a diverse, results-driven, no-ego environment.


What We Solve

Marketing Innovation & Scaling Solutions

Zürtech solves the three biggest challenges companies face when scaling customer acquisition and top-line revenue:

 SPEED: Inability to execute quickly due to corporate red-tape or insufficient resources.

 EXPERTISE: Missing in-house skillset required to learn and grow in highly-dynamic marketing channels.

 RESOURCES: Insufficient capital & talent required to aggressively scale once an acquisition strategy is validated.

From ideation to funding, Zürtech enables you to dramatically speed up your marketing innovation and scaling process. Zürtech has succeeded to accelerate our partners’ growth in industries from banking, health, wellness, fitness, beauty, and finance to e-commerce. Our teams manage hundreds of millions of dollars monetizing North America’s and Europe’s fastest growing consumer brands, and we’re always working on the next big thing.


Compliant Industry-Leading Technology is a cornerstone of Zürtech’s approach

Leveraging leading data science, machine-learning, automation and best-in-class software practices we generate market insights resiliently.

We take that comprehensive, relational understanding of the impact of every media dollar, and we translate in unparalleled ROI.


Zürtech backs high-growth potential companies who think big, move fast, and are committed to being the dominant player in their markets.

We focus investment on direct-to-consumer businesses who are ready to scale customer acquisition in new markets, geographies, and channels.

The best way to get in touch with us is via introduction from one of our partners.